A Blast From The Past

hmm.. remote control cars.. all of us got one of this don’t we? what’s weird is i remember i started interested in remote control roughly 3 years ago… when i’m 12-13 years old.

like a 21st century kid, i got interested of remote control from the woldwide interwebz.. i joined forum and posted and spammed and watched and things like that.

so.. one night, i popped up in a competition set up by the local forum guys, and let’s just say i got addicted.

of course, i didn’t get addicted for nothing. i bumped into a kid in that competition and introduced himself. simply, it’s the community, the people, which gets me addicted.

then i bought my first serious remote control.. it’s always exciting for us (especially boys) to get new toys doesn’t it?

though it’s initially not built by me, i tinkered with it and understands it step by step, rebuilt it for countless times.

i’ve done stupid things to it. look at the photo above.. chipped front body, the XXI sticker, the obvious rear camber..

..the Apple sticker, the poor painted wheels. do you notice the white paint marks? that came from the first time i played it.

i played in my cousin’s sideyard (lol), of course, with my cousins. no matter how stupid me or my cousins drive, it just brought smiles to our faces.

after that, i also did a lot of other stupid things with it, just for the joy and the smile.

once i went to Bandung for a competition, which i know i wouldn’t win at all. i just went there for the friends, for the joy.

since i left it on the bookshelf, i didn’t do many stupid things with it. i’ve added some other weird stickers after this photos, but i didn’t really do anything stupid with it.

so i’m now thinking.. and realizing, that i do miss doing stupid things, having fun and joy with this thing. something i haven’t done in a long time.

in the end, i realize it’s the people, it’s the people that i miss. you can’t beat the joy of doing stupid things with friends.


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