What The Fuck Happened In A Year?

phew. 1 year. just almost 1 year since i last posted to this blog huh? let’s recap what the fuck has happened since then:

-probably dropping in almost every single countable measures except height
-felt shittier
-loss of devices (fml)
-declining skill of photography (part of reason i kinda hesitate to post my photos)
-more distant to my friends, i mean to loads of them
-more falls
-more blame to take
-less blame can be pointed to others (or i fucked up big time)
-got 2 new cameras
-bought a proper headphone
-through to M25! :))
-made 2 or 3 movies with my friends
-bought some original digital things (bf3 and kindle books)
-taken toefl
-went to some places (japan, saudi arabia etc etc)
-consumed much less nutella
-read a lot of books
-read more interwebz stuff on unimportant things
-now not really interested into rc or airsoft or even gaming recently
-trying hard to focus
-got some upgrades for my sx4 lol
and a lot more… which i (of course) forgot
oh well atleast i’m posting something lol i hope i can post more in coming weeks… or months.. or another year lol


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