Otoblitz Classic Car Show & Kejurnas Drifting Seri V

I went to JI Expo Kemayoran last Sunday expecting to watch Kejurnas only, but the track was raining, so I went to the Classic Car Show instead, and I’m not disappointed, even a slight bit. Here are some cars (and bikes) that I like from the show.

This KE20 was REALLY clean and turns out it got it’s engine swapped to a 3S-GE BEAMS.. Perfect.

I was also ecstatic to see other rarities inside the main hall such as Golfs and BMWs.. but seems like I can’t capture them all, and this 3 shots will have to represent the rest.

..Except these two guys. This FD RX-7  is spot on, and the 190SL is just such a classic.

They also had bikes displayed, and needless to say, there are some really cool bikes there.

And of course, a part market. What car show is complete without them?

As the rain had gone as I came out of the show hall, I went back to the drift track and took some photos. Didn’t really paid attention to who’s doing what on the track, so I’ll leave you here with the pictures now.

P.S. Thanks to my girlfriend for being a human lightstand/armrest accompanying me for the day. 🙂

Kejurnas Seri 1 Practice



















Formula D Indonesia: Weird Toned

last weekend i went to Formula Drift Indonesia in JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

as always, i took some pictures. not that much as i came in from the Top 8.

and it’s stuck in my computer for a few days, as always.

as i developed it through Lightroom, i was bored.

and i clicked some presets.

aaand behold! i hope you all would enjoy some weird-toned photos lol

Demas Agil’s E36 had some wide flares. lyk WIIDDEEEE

i think Daigo Saito’s aero better suits a time attack car..

i think there’s so much Daigo Saito in this post. idc, he’s a mad man. congrats on the first place! let’s not forget Armando who also drives hard, real hard.

Demi Kemajuan Drifting Indonesia.

black/white 2

what we enjoy in life are the simplest ones. because they’re the most beautiful ones.


some things in life are just as simple as black and white.. most are not.

Achilles Drift Battle 2010 Finale Round – Pt. 1

won’t talk much. cause? look here: Guest Blog: M.Fenno >> Bitter Sweet Symphony on auto-synchronize. Yang mana, of course, bikin penonton kecewa. Jadwal molor, hasil gak jelas, dll. and, somehow WordPress image resizing kinda sucks. :s Click the picture for Hi Res! :sss

I’m being crazy. Why? I capture this picture in… 18mm. IT’S JUST 3 METERS AWAY FROM ME! thx God they invented fences.

#Jakdrift 3! Part 2

Okay, let’s continue. To be said, 32 besar dan seterusnya kemaren tuh bener bener ‘test of skill’. Layout yang dikasih Tengku Djan Ley (or just Ley as his DA shirt says) udah lumayan parah pas kering (silakan liat post practice and qualifying punya bang Dimas Rajasa) dan sekarang ditambah ujan. Tapi dari gw dateng ampe podium, ga ada kecelakaan yang parah. Again, thumbs up!

Dean vs. Dido. Entah mobil Dido yang memang tenaganya belom tinggi ato punya bang Dean yang sangar, tapi yang jelas Dido kesusahan buat bikin jarak dari Dean yang pada akhirnya mengakibatkan Dean spin pas following di OMT / Sudden Death.

Sepertinya emang bang Dean yang sangar. See the gap + early initiation! Even though pada akhirnya bang Dean kalah di battle ini, tapi dia tetep happy dengan jadi juara 1 di Rookie! Congrats! Let’s see how you would battle with the “professional drifters of Indonesia” kata Wonderbro.

Great Driver + Great Car + Standing Water: AWESOME. I just can’t help it..

Best 4 di awali oleh Rio vs. Amandio. Both are great drivers. Tapi sepertinya memang pengalaman yang lebih dibutuhkan. Amandio advances to Finals.

Dilanjutkan oleh Dido vs. Hermawan. Again, both are great drivers. Tapi Dido terhalang masalah tadi; power mobil. Aand.. yeah, Hermawan and the epic Anker Sports S13 is moving to the finals.


Dan perebutan tempat ke 3 between Rio and Dido. At last, Dido got the podium. Kapan ya smokenya bisa sesangar ini..

The Finals. Lagi lagi jam terbang berbicara. Hermawan ditekuk Dio. I’m starting to think Indonesia now needs a Pro-Am series..

So, this is it. Masih ada beberapa random stuff dari Jakdrift kemaren.. tapi mungkin masih lama di postnya. Sekolah lagi ribet-ribetnya. Biasa lah kelas 3. Wakakak. Okay, see ya on kaskus (skalski), twitter (@rkalski) or Facebook (Raihan Skalski). Maybe I’ll post extra photos on Facebook. So, watch out!