Last Hooah!

As the holiday season comes to an end, this post will be the last post for 2~3 months ahead. I will be preparing to finish highschool and apply to universities. After that all is finished, I’ll be returning to cameras and this blog again. Wish me luck!

These photos are from my recent trip to Kampung Sampireun, Garut.

Shot with a mix of X100 and D300s with 18-200/50 1.4g.


The Rest of 2013

So here are photos (most are recent) that did not have their own posts, but worthy enough to be put on my blog.

Some car photos as usual, still really trying to get more experience on this.

And I’ve stepped into the fashion part of photography, a total newb in this part.

And also food photography!

Also some editorial photos for our school magazine.

And covering events I previously didn’t know exist.

2013 is a pretty good photo year, I’ve dived more into artificial light photography and things other than landscapes.

It has been exciting and I am expecting more fun in 2014 (after all the school stuff is done)!

Ho Chi Minh City – Day 2 & 3

Whoops, seems like I’ve forgottten to post Day 2 and 3!

We visited what was a Viet Cong area, with war memorabilias and stories told. Hi there tunnel guide! God damn those tunnels are so small.

Then we visited the Dao An temple, as they were in time for prayers.

And this kid speaks a bit of Indonesian/Malay, Mandarin, English, and Vietnamese, while selling bookmarks to us. My dad bought some from her.

The next day we visited the banks of the Mekong River.

To see the manufacturing of Vietnamese traditional snacks and some art they make.

Then we visited a church and a “plantation” and had some great lunch. But only the pictures of the church here 😀

And ended the day with a dinner/cruise along the Saigon river.

We hopped back home the next day.

Otoblitz Classic Car Show & Kejurnas Drifting Seri V

I went to JI Expo Kemayoran last Sunday expecting to watch Kejurnas only, but the track was raining, so I went to the Classic Car Show instead, and I’m not disappointed, even a slight bit. Here are some cars (and bikes) that I like from the show.

This KE20 was REALLY clean and turns out it got it’s engine swapped to a 3S-GE BEAMS.. Perfect.

I was also ecstatic to see other rarities inside the main hall such as Golfs and BMWs.. but seems like I can’t capture them all, and this 3 shots will have to represent the rest.

..Except these two guys. This FD RX-7  is spot on, and the 190SL is just such a classic.

They also had bikes displayed, and needless to say, there are some really cool bikes there.

And of course, a part market. What car show is complete without them?

As the rain had gone as I came out of the show hall, I went back to the drift track and took some photos. Didn’t really paid attention to who’s doing what on the track, so I’ll leave you here with the pictures now.

P.S. Thanks to my girlfriend for being a human lightstand/armrest accompanying me for the day. 🙂

Ho Chi Minh City – Day 1


DSCF9410   These are some photos from my trip to Vietnam last August. I enjoyed it really much.DSCF9415 The masks used by the US Army, displayed in a museum. DSCF9425  DSCF9445  DSCF9463  DSCF9478 The water puppet show is amazing. DSCF9235   DSCF9241  DSCF9242  DSCF9244  DSCF9245  DSCF9250  DSCF9300  DSCF9316  DSCF9331 How the heck do riders here are still alive wearing those hats? DSCF9343  DSCF9349  DSCF9356  DSCF9370  DSCF9372  DSCF9398  DSCF9404

Situ Gunung Trip

























GoPro Basic Mounts Guide


Once I decided to buy a GoPro on the US Trip, I researched a lot about the mounts and accessories that I should buy there, but I can’t find a decisive enough guide (for me) that explains all the bits of the accessories. Now I’d like to make one. Hope this helps!


All the parts that I’ll explain are in this photo. Curved and Flat Adhesive mounts on the top left (thanks Lordreddition for pointing out that it’s on the left than on the right), J-Hook and flat buckle in the top middle, followed by the tripod mount and the vented helmet mount. In the middle row, the short strap from the Head Strap, small extension arm, short pivot arm, long pivot arm, long bolt, short bolt, and the white plug. The rest of the head strap assembly is at the bottom.

First thing first. Bolts. They come in two lengths of the ‘handle’ (the black plastic), long and short. You need the long one to secure the camera and the short one is sufficient for fixing the arms in place. They are 5mm bolts.

Arms. Extension arm, short pivot arm, and the long pivot arm. Extension arm gives you a little bit more reach with the camera facing the same side. Pivot arms makes the camera faces 90o from the ‘base’ mount.

2 Pivot mounts make a long extension arm with a Z-axis rotation. The ‘Side Mount’ sold by GoPro consists of 1 short pivot arm, 1 long pivot arm, 1 long bolt, 1 short bolt, a flat buckle and a curved adhesive mount.

If you have a BacPac extension and use it like the third picture, you’ll find out it can’t go full flat on its back, so an extension arm is needed. Every BacPac comes with 1 of these extension arms, and the Front Helmet Mount consists of 2 of these extension mounts, 1 long bolt, 1 short bolt, a J-buckle and a curved adhesive mount.

If you are wondering what the adhesive mounts are, the left one is the curved adhesive mount and the right one is the flat adhesive mount. Both have a one-use 3M VHB high-strength tape to stick it virtually anywhere. The curved one has a rectangular foot print with tapered corners while the flat mount has a more ‘oval’ footprint.

Their best friends are the flat and J-buckle, displayed here attached to the adhesive mounts. The left one is a flat buckle on a curved adhesive mount, the right one is a J-hook buckle on a flat adhesive mount. They offer different angles for recording.

J-hook buckle in different positions.

The white plug’s function is to reduce vibration produced between the mounts and the buckle. It only works with the flat buckle.

The head straps’ main function is to mount your GoPro on your forehead. It consists of 5 parts; a short (top) strap, a longer (side) strap, the front piece for your camera, the back piece for putting them all together and the long bolt (not shown). The straps are made of elastic fabric with rubber linings to keep them on your head. It is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of circumference.

This is the vented helmet mount. It uses buckles to mount the cameras. I often use it as a more flexible pipe mount, by crisscrossing the strap. The padding is removable and can be put on again.


This is an example of me using the vented helmet mount to mount to a fence.


I bought an extra Head Strap to use the long strap so I can use it as a Poor Man’s Chest mount. Too much wobble for soccer.

I assembled this using a tripod mount, a J-Buckle and a 5mm bolt and nut. Enables me to make a narwhal mount using PVC pipes with ¼ 20 screw on each side and use another tripod mount on the other side.

The breakdown of my fence setup.

I hope you enjoyed the guide, please comment for advice or any other tips you have. Thanks!