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The Rest of 2013

So here are photos (most are recent) that did not have their own posts, but worthy enough to be put on my blog.

Some car photos as usual, still really trying to get more experience on this.

And I’ve stepped into the fashion part of photography, a total newb in this part.

And also food photography!

Also some editorial photos for our school magazine.

And covering events I previously didn’t know exist.

2013 is a pretty good photo year, I’ve dived more into artificial light photography and things other than landscapes.

It has been exciting and I am expecting more fun in 2014 (after all the school stuff is done)!


Otoblitz Classic Car Show & Kejurnas Drifting Seri V

I went to JI Expo Kemayoran last Sunday expecting to watch Kejurnas only, but the track was raining, so I went to the Classic Car Show instead, and I’m not disappointed, even a slight bit. Here are some cars (and bikes) that I like from the show.

This KE20 was REALLY clean and turns out it got it’s engine swapped to a 3S-GE BEAMS.. Perfect.

I was also ecstatic to see other rarities inside the main hall such as Golfs and BMWs.. but seems like I can’t capture them all, and this 3 shots will have to represent the rest.

..Except these two guys. This FD RX-7  is spot on, and the 190SL is just such a classic.

They also had bikes displayed, and needless to say, there are some really cool bikes there.

And of course, a part market. What car show is complete without them?

As the rain had gone as I came out of the show hall, I went back to the drift track and took some photos. Didn’t really paid attention to who’s doing what on the track, so I’ll leave you here with the pictures now.

P.S. Thanks to my girlfriend for being a human lightstand/armrest accompanying me for the day. 🙂