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Last Hooah!

As the holiday season comes to an end, this post will be the last post for 2~3 months ahead. I will be preparing to finish highschool and apply to universities. After that all is finished, I’ll be returning to cameras and this blog again. Wish me luck!

These photos are from my recent trip to Kampung Sampireun, Garut.

Shot with a mix of X100 and D300s with 18-200/50 1.4g.


Dying Colours


as a complementary picture for my weird tweets this evening


a few months ago i went to Bali, Indonesia.. and it was packed! lucky i went to a this private beach which literally had no one around.

and this is also a closed-off restaurant beach in the same resort.

this is one of the popular stretches of beach in Bali, the Wonderland.

another famous one, the Kuta.

that’s all for now, i realized i don’t really take much photos this year soo i’m looking forward for December and vacations!

and btw, which watermark set-up is better? the lie down (previous) or the side one (current)? feedback and comment please!

Another Sunset..

..that I’d like to remember from Bali.